Ice Dam Removal and Prevention in Minnetonka, St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN!

With the winter months upon us, our automatic roof deicing systems prevent ice dams from forming and damaging roof coverings, gutters, and downspouts. The repair costs associated with water damage to your home or business are expensive. Let ARC Window Cleaning & Building Maintenance out of Minnetonka, St. Paul, Lakeville, Eagen and Minneapolis, MN handle all your ice dam problems before becoming irreversible.

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Ice dams are caused by lack of insulation, poor ventilation, air leakage, temperature fluctuation, and solar radiation. The only feasible solution is to prevent the ice dam from forming with the use of roof deicing systems.

Our automatic deicing systems prevent costly water damage to your home or business by eliminating snow buildup on your roof and gutters. We use electrical deicing cables to melt ice, eliminate quick accumulations and allow water to drain properly.


  • Before Our Deicing System Is Installed
    After We Install Our Deicing System & Roof Heat Cables
    Deicing System